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What's The Story? by Author Ken Serey

American War History Presented in Chronological Story Form

About the Author

Ken Serey

Conservator of Ohio's World War 2 History

Ken Serey is a proud husband to his wife of almost fifty years. The father of two grown children and grandfather of five. He has had a varied work-life, establishing himself successfully in three different occupations. Initially out of school, as a young man, he moved up the ranks in ten years of retail, managing store within the Federated Department Stores Family.

Ken next excelled in the beverage industry, winning numerous accolades and national recognition during his almost two decades in this field. Moving on he joined teams with his brother and together they had an independent business where they were able to help thousands of blind and visually impaired individuals. Giving these people the capability to see, read and resume normalcy of life again was extremely rewarding.